Frequently Asked Questions

What is the upfront cost? 

None. Simply sign-up with
and we will set-up your account and provide you instructions for using your unique link to your shopping web page.

What is our service fee? 

None. We will collect no money from your organization. Instead, we are paid a bonus from participating online retailers during high volume months. The bonus is often as little as 0.5%. The bonus is used to cover administrative costs, such as quarterly reports to your treasurer and automated direct deposits/mailed checks to your organization's checking/savings account. That means that your organization will make 1.0% to 6.0% back on purchases.

This sounds too good to be true, what is the catch? 

There is no catch. There are a number of other “online fund-raising” sites out there you can go with. The difference is when you go with those sites, you get 0.5% - 0.8% of your purchases back versus 1.0% to 6.0% that we offer.

What if we want to stop using your service? 

You may cancel the program or suspend services at any time. Your organization will receive a payment for all sales made by your members while your account was active.

Can only organization members use the link for online shopping? 

No, anyone can use the link to shop. Grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, friends – literally anyone can help raise money for your organization without having to try to sell anything (or make a donation for that matter).

Why is the payout from so much greater than other online fund-raising sites?

We are interested in offering a service to organizations at a minimal charge to allow organizations to improve the experience for their members. 

Remember, we are founded by two members who are using this program for their family's schools, clubs and sports team organizations.

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